Ala Koreitem

To me, an artist is someone who observes the world around them with curiosity, and through imagination, creates new realities and ways of framing our everyday life.

I usually start with something as simple as a pencil and a piece of paper, I then re-do everything by outlining and adding colour and details using Illustrator and Photoshop. My illustrations are mostly multi medium; I like the idea that they would transform and become something else that is not restricted to the flat or the 2D. I hope to collaborate with animators, fashion designers and local galleries in the near future!

I love capturing the power and strength of girls and women united. I try to portray as many different backgrounds and personalities as I can. I like to use colour palettes and patterns to highlight the richness of their diversity. I also like to think that you might recognize the characters I draw as familiar but then might get distracted by the infinite abstract background of shapes and colours.

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