Creating a space forĀ art, culture, and passion to be truly valued and celebratedĀ 


We are a Canadian Arts and Events company. We put on pop-up art shows and live readings around the country, showcasing the work of local creatives. We also host and sell artists' work on our online GALLERY. Our goal is to support and develop the continued growth of local creative communities through facilitation and collaboration with artists and the public.

Please take a moment to check out our blog UPandUP, as well as our past SHOWCASE art shows and README live readings. We hope to see you at our next event — Keep It Sweet!

2cream2sugar allows me to connect with an audience of people with similar interests that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to

Chole da Mata

I love that 2cream2sugar embraces artistic diversity. No two artists are alike.

Darya Kosilova

I truly enjoyed the pop up show I participated in at the Lululemon lab and I’m excited to see what they do next

Sara J Molcan

Featuring both up-and-coming and venerated artists

Round 2

Since our first wave of artists we have been seeing a huge influx of creative energy. We want to thank everyone for their continued support, especially our artists. We have launched our second wave of beautiful creators, which is available now. Check out our new artists and tell us what you like. 

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Revel in summer’s arrival, get attuned to the relevance of art, vibe out and come join us at a new SHOWCASE event! We’ve partnered up with @strike_yvr again for our next art show on June 28th — more details coming soon… Keep It Sweet.

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KSLAM Clothing

KSLAM stands for those who can't be put into a category. Caught between moments in time, we are those who are androgynous, unique, independent and everything in between. People are the reason the designs come to life.

Made just for you.
Hand distressed, laced and sewn.
One of a kind reworked vintage denim.

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