Chloe da Mata

My art reflects the part of individuals that makes them unique and interesting. A lot of the portraits that I have done are based on real people, and when that is the case I also try to make art that reflect what the individual wants to represent about themselves as well.

As someone who is fortunate enough to be surrounded by talented people of different backgrounds and forms of expression, I am inspired by the many amazing people that surround me. Beauty can be found in the uniqueness of all people, and as an artist I personally strive to represent this in each of my portraits.

My personal favourite medium is black and white (pencil or charcoal) sketches. It is my most comfortable medium to work with, and the one that I use in leisurely projects. I have also works with ink, acrylics, and watercolour on canvas.

As someone of mixed race a large component of my art has to do with the expression of culture. I think that embracing not only cultural backgrounds, but other important aspects of each individual is needed because it is so often underrepresented and as a result, misunderstood.

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