Darya Kosilova

I’m inspired by little things that disrupt the day-to-day routine. Things that can catch someone off-guard, make them laugh, turn them on, or make them feel uncomfortable.  Things that people do when they think no one is watching. Secret behaviour that we engage in when we’re alone.

I mostly work with paper, tape, glue, and anything else that gets trapped in between. I use a lot of found second-hand books, magazines, manuals, and paper scraps. I’m also obsessed with tape.

What makes me an artist is that I make a lot of observations and I have a lot of questions but I don’t always have the words to ask them. Visual language is how I communicate.

My art is defined by my curiosity, mainly. And a sense of humour. I’m a believer in serious art being funny.

I make a lot of dad-jokes. You’ve been warned.

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