Davis Leflar





    What makes anyone an artists is the passion they put into their work, anyone could paint a flower on a wall. But an artists heart will make the flower much more authentic, genuine & meaningful. Passion is what turns a drawing into a piece of art. It’s all about the heart behind the work in my opinion.

    My artwork reflects on things I’ve felt, feel or what I wish to create that day. It’s never a literal translation. I draw a lot of gore, for instance. If I’m feeling low that day, I’ll draw someone with a decapitated head. If I’m feeling brighter I’ll add a rainbow, it’s all a reflection of feeling, question & empathy. When some older folks see my heaviest works & smile it brings me a large sense of satisfaction. Being able to have others see artistic value within subject matter they would not generally be a fan of is completely sublime.

    I would describe my medium as mixed media with heavy illustrative focus. I use graphite, pencil crayons, paint, micron pens, India ink; & upon occasion fire.

    I’m currently apprenticing at a stellar shop called Supreme Tattoos in Chilliwack BC, I tattoo my own artwork almost exclusively; so people can expect to see a lot of leflurk tattoos coming very soon & if they’d like to book one contact me on Instagram.

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