I refer to myself as a creative, and I think what makes me a creative/artistic person is my ability to turn nothing into something. I think its easy for anyone to take a photo or produce a piece of clothing, but taking that next step into creating something that is completely original and authentic is what makes someone an artist.

In many ways, my art reflects my reality. Each piece I create has some story to how and why i created it the way I did. Its hard to reflect that in clothing, but I want the clothing i create to resemble art. It reflects my personal style, my love for past generations, including ideas I have about sexuality and empowerment. It has no limits.

My medium is definitely design, and would range from the types of fabrics I use.

I didn’t think where I am was possible, but here I am. If your debating whether you should take the leap and start doing what you love, I encourage you to find peace in your surroundings & know that you already possess everything it takes to achieve the reality you want, you just have to begin.

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