My art reflects the way our society views drug use, specifically prescriptions. There’s a desensitization to addiction and self medication that is pretty disturbing when broken down. We have romanticized these manufactured and commoditized chemicals through music and social media, and the cartoon/ pop art take on them is a direct reflection of how lightly we view these issues.

I'm not trained. I consider my creative process very personal, with certain rituals and a soundtrack of sorts. Because a lot of my subject matter is influenced by music- particularly rap- I let it guide me through creation.

I stick to acrylics on canvas for the most part, but have dabbled in some hand-crafted silk screening.

To me, an artist is someone who can translate observations; decode and re-phrase what they see. When I create, thats really what I do- I filter any information or ideas that cross my path and re-imagine them into pieces of art.

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